Welcome to Love A Great Deal! I’m your typical shopper who loves finding a great deal. What sets me apart from most shoppers is that I enjoy sharing the deals almost as much as finding them!

For instance, the other day I was at an athletic store…and there I was telling the cashier about a deal I found on pots & pans! Over time, friends & family have encouraged me to start a blog to share my findings, so here we are.

One aspect of Love A Great Deal you might notice right away is that it’s not like most deal websites. Many deal websites look like a visual mess of randomness. I wanted to create a site that not only has good content, but is also visually beautiful. As someone who loves fashion and creative style, I will be picky with what I share with you. I will also try to only share deals that are discounted by 50% or more. Hope that works for you!

Keep in mind, deep sales also means timing and product availability will be limited. So if something has caught your eye, don’t think about it for too long because it might not be there tomorrow. (Can’t tell you how many times it’s happened to me.)

Some sidenotes : I am currently not affiliated with any of the merchants I am sharing product information from. I have shopped at many of them, but not all. By sharing these deals, I am not endorsing anything in particular. I am sharing deals on items that I personally like and think others might enjoy learning about too.

Thanks for visiting and happy deal hunting!